High Voltage Rock ‘n’ Roll

Michael writes: “Rock music, or classic rock music, may not always be fashionable. It may not always achieve appropriate mainstream acknowledgement and respect, but it continues to evolve just out of sight of ‘respectable society’ and its audience has never really gone away. ‘High Voltage Rock and Roll’ attempts to demonstrate this point by focusing on the 2010 High Voltage Festival, which brought together many of the bands and people who feature in previous chapters in one astonishing event. The Festival was also notable for a special one-off performance by Heaven and Hell to celebrate the life and music of Ronnie James Dio who sadly lost his battle with stomach cancer in May 2010. When Ronnie James Dio left Black Sabbath and re-emerged with his own band, I was much taken with the distinction he liked to make in his album credits between those who create, those who labour and those who supported. If the High Voltage Festival showed anything, it showed that many of those who labour and  those who create are still out there, entertaining us, inspiring us, uncovering possibilities of meaning, and doing their utmost to communicate these possibilities and the sheer joy of music to the rest of us – those who listen.”

This chapter reviews the contribution of many of those who performed at the festival, including: ZZ Top, ELP, Bigelf, Saxon, Heaven and Hell, UFO, Magnum, Opeth, The Reasoning and Marillion. In the words of Dafydd Iwan (who didn’t play at the festival, but could have, as The Strawbs did): “Er gwaetha pawb a phopeth, Ry’n ni yma o hyd” (“Despite everyone and everything, we are still here”).

We Rock!

RJD and Gary Moore … RIP

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