God and the Devil

The spooky chapter …

Michael writes: “‘God and the Devil’ explores the recurring tension between Christianity and claims of ‘Satanism’ in rock music. Settling on this metaphysical theme, it looks at the way rock music can help people to think through and develop views on issues of personal and common significance. It does this through a consideration of the work of two artists who, it might be thought, occupy opposing extremes on the rock spectrum: namely Black Sabbath and ex-Twelfth Night vocalist and ordained vicar Geoff Mann. In reality, these artists have far more in common than the casual observer or the uninitiated might expect – and both offer considerable  support to lost but knowledge-hungry listeners keen to find their place in the world via reflection on some of life’s ‘big questions’.”

Bands and artists featured include: Black Sabbath, Twelfth Night, Geoff Mann, Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden. The chapter also includes sections about ‘backmasking’ and so-called ‘black metal’.

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