Twelfth Night – Fact And Fiction (Definitive Edition)

Cover image for Fact and Fiction Definitive Edition albumThe 3 disc definitive edition of Twelfth Night’s Fact And Fiction is now available. Lovingly curated by drummer Brian Devoil, it’s an exceptional package that more than does justice to the album’s status an one of the Prog Magazine’s ‘Albums That Saved Prog’.

It was an honour and a privilege to have extracts from Words and Music used in the album’s sleeve notes. It is, after all, one of my desert island discs, and an album that has meant a lot to me over the years.

There is, of course, far more on Twelfth Night, Fact And Fiction and the lyrical preoccupations of vocalist Geoff Mann in the book itself (chapter five, if I remember correctly). You can also read an interview I once did with Geoff over in the Q&A Series.

More information on the new definitive edition of Fact and Fiction (including track listings, guest performers and purchase information) can be found on the official Twelfth Night website.

Martijn Westerholt (Delain)



Fans of Delain expecting a new album in the wake of recent successful tours might well have been surprised by the appearance instead of the new ‘Lunar Prelude’ EP.

I had the pleasure of interviewing founding member and keyboard player Martijn Westerholt for Fireworks Magazine. He was great fun to chat to, and more than happy to give me the low down on the EP, album plans and forthcoming live work. He also had some interesting things to say about cultural differences between audiences in different parts of the world, and even in different parts of Germany!

The interview has recently been published on the Fireworks/Rocktopia website and can be read in full here:

I’ve been really impressed with the band’s recent output and, as you’ll see from the interview, their live show. They’ve recently expanded their line-up and now benefit from the skills of ‘second’ guitarist Merel Bechtold.

If you don’t know the band, or even if you do, check out the video for the new single ‘Suckerpunch’. It augers well for the forthcoming album, which, Martijn assured me, is on the way!

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Robbie Cavanagh – Which Way To New York

Robbie Cavanagh

Those who were bowled over by his critically acclaimed debut album The State of Maine (April 2014), and have waited patiently for new material, will be delighted to hear that singer-songwriter Robbie Cavanagh is preparing to release a new single at the end of February.

‘Which Way To New York’ is described as having “a heartfelt, travelling country beat” and, in feel and construction, invites comparison with the likes of Ryan Adams and Ben Folds. It’s a beautiful song – thoughtfully arranged, superbly played, and featuring an aching vocal that’s distinctively Robbie.

The accompanying video has been directed by Jessica Fox, and shot and edited by Tom Rout. You can see the video and hear a pre-release version of the song on You Tube.

Since the release of The State Of Maine, Robbie has had an impact on the country/Americana scene, developing a loyal and dedicated following around the UK. Those who know his work from this website will know he writes emotive songs performed with passion and sincerity. ‘Which Way To New York’ is no exception.

The single is set for worldwide release on Great Beyond Records on 29 February 2016.

Do check it out!

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Lemmy Feature/Tribute

Motorhead - Ace of Spades album cover

There can’t be many rock fans of a certain vintage, whose experience of rock music was not touched in some way by the life and work of Ian Fraser Kilmister, better known, of course, as Lemmy.

Love him or er … not, he was unique – a real one off. Not just iconic, but iconoclastic. He may have been notorious for his appetites, but he was also a smart guy, a man who always had an interesting take on life and a fresh perspective. He lived the way he wanted to live. He kept it real. If you’ve not done so already, check out his autobiography, ‘White Line Fever’. It’ll have you howling at times, and re-evaluating your attitude to life at others. It’s one of my favourite rock books.

Lemmy - White Line FeverHis music, like his approach to life, was uncompromising. I always found that Motörhead’s music had a certain charm. I loved the humour and quirkiness as well as the power. Lemmy had a wry wit (“I really like this jacket but the sleeves are much too long” from ‘Back At The Funny Farm’)  and was a master of tautological overstatement (‘Killed By Death’). His music was the music of fun, rage and hedonism, all on the same album and all at the same time. Everything louder than everything else! He influenced many and he will be missed.

It was both an honour and a pleasure to be asked to do a feature and tribute to Lemmy with Alan Thompson for his BBC Radio Wales show. Not that it should be a surprise to anyone that Radio Wales would want to pay tribute, especially given Lemmy’s childhood links with Anglesey, the National Assembly for Wales plenary debate he inspired (‘Heroin. Is Lemmy right?’) and the presence in his band for nigh on 30 years of Welsh guitar whizz Phil Campbell.

The piece was broadcast on Sunday 24 January 2016, a few short weeks after Lemmy’s sudden passing. It features music and chat – classic tracks from Hawkwind and Motörhead and a closing song that, I hope, surprised a few people, as it showcases a more sensitive side of Lemmy’s character.

You can hear the full piece here on Alan’s pages on the Radio Wales site, via the BBC iPlayer. The Lemmy piece kicks in at around the 1hr 26 mark with ‘Silver Machine’. Enjoy!

As for this short article, I can think of no better sign off than Dave Ling’s recent paraphrase (in his Classic Rock magazine send off) of Lemmy’s own on stage battle cry:

“He was Lemmy – he played rock ‘n’ roll!”

Motorhead - Snaggletooth - No Remorse album cover

Born to lose; Live to win

Rest in Peace, Lem!



Michael Schenker – new interview

Michael Schenker

It hasn’t been the happiest of New Years for rock fans, with longstanding icons apparently going down like nine pins. An enthusiastic and energetic Michael Schenker, however, is always a mood lifting joy to the ears, as much when he converses, I’m starting to think, as when he picks up his famed Flying V and solos with a melodic fluidity and emotional depth that in the world of heavy rock is still without equal.

It was an absolute pleasure, therefore, to find Michael in such fine form as we picked up the threads of a previous interview and he gave me a progress report on the ongoing construction and continuing ascent of his Temple of Rock and Temple of Rock’s world tour.

Read the interview in full here as an Über Röck interview exclusive!

Schenker, Buchholz, Findlay

Photos provided by Noble PR

(Top photo by John Bull, bottom photo by Adam Kennedy)

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