Robbie Cavanagh – Which Way To New York

Robbie Cavanagh

Those who were bowled over by his critically acclaimed debut album The State of Maine (April 2014), and have waited patiently for new material, will be delighted to hear that singer-songwriter Robbie Cavanagh is preparing to release a new single at the end of February.

‘Which Way To New York’ is described as having “a heartfelt, travelling country beat” and, in feel and construction, invites comparison with the likes of Ryan Adams and Ben Folds. It’s a beautiful song – thoughtfully arranged, superbly played, and featuring an aching vocal that’s distinctively Robbie.

The accompanying video has been directed by Jessica Fox, and shot and edited by Tom Rout. You can see the video and hear a pre-release version of the song on You Tube.

Since the release of The State Of Maine, Robbie has had an impact on the country/Americana scene, developing a loyal and dedicated following around the UK. Those who know his work from this website will know he writes emotive songs performed with passion and sincerity. ‘Which Way To New York’ is no exception.

The single is set for worldwide release on Great Beyond Records on 29 February 2016.

Do check it out!

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