Michael Schenker – new interview

Michael Schenker

It hasn’t been the happiest of New Years for rock fans, with longstanding icons apparently going down like nine pins. An enthusiastic and energetic Michael Schenker, however, is always a mood lifting joy to the ears, as much when he converses, I’m starting to think, as when he picks up his famed Flying V and solos with a melodic fluidity and emotional depth that in the world of heavy rock is still without equal.

It was an absolute pleasure, therefore, to find Michael in such fine form as we picked up the threads of a previous interview and he gave me a progress report on the ongoing construction and continuing ascent of his Temple of Rock and Temple of Rock’s world tour.

Read the interview in full here as an Über Röck interview exclusive!

Schenker, Buchholz, Findlay

Photos provided by Noble PR

(Top photo by John Bull, bottom photo by Adam Kennedy)

Read some of Michael Anthony’s other interviews in the Words and Music Q&A Series.


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