Denim Snakes: Stronger!

Denim Snakes

So be honest, what do you think about when someone mentions the place Barry? The run down pleasure park? The BBC comedy Gavin and Stacey? Trips as a child to Barry Island beach? Max Boyce’s ‘Ode to Barry Island’? I used to think about all these things, but now I think of Barry band the Denim Snakes.

If you’re lucky enough to have heard their eponymous debut album (reviewed here for Über Röck by Ross Welford), you’ll know where I’m coming from – classic rock meets pop punk perfection across ten tracks that blend aggression, humour, emotion and melody as effortlessly as you like.

Hot on the heels (well, almost) of said album, the band are back with a new single ‘Stronger’. Described as “an anthem for anyone who’s been dumped, downtrodden, hurt or bullied”, it’s set to be released on iTunes and Spotify on 7th August via their own NO TV Records. It’s accompanied by an excellent video, which, for pre-release fun, you can view and listen to here:

‘Stronger’ is already making an impression on the Welsh media with former Radio One DJ Bethan Elfyn featuring the band on her BBC Radio Wales ‘Introducing Artist of the Week’ slot.

Some are predicting that 2015 will be “the year of the Snake”, and for the classic rock fans among you, let’s be clear – that snake is Denim, not White!

So check out the single, and look out for the forthcoming ‘Words and Music Q&A’.


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