Metal Gods TV (Review)

Metal Gods

Words and Music: Excursions in the Art of Rock Fandom
Michael Anthony

MMMM (4M = Excellent)

Imagine yourself in the bar after a gig, talking to a very clever stranger about what you’ve just experienced. The stranger clearly loved the band as much as you did but has a more considered and intellectual view of the whole event. He can pick it apart, analyse why you loved it and tell you ten things about the band that you never knew. If this stranger had written a book, it would be Words and Music by Michael Anthony.

Written against a backdrop of his own developing love affair with rock music, Words and Music contains ten chapters which explore the different facets of being a fan of rock music. ‘This One Sacred Hour’ describes the power of the live gig experience, ‘Truly Madly Deeply’ the personal connections a fan makes with the album, whilst ‘God and the Devil’ looks at the recurring tension between rock music and religion.

At times the analysis is so philosophical that it almost becomes too much, how many books about rock music refer to Nietzsche and Wittgenstein to underline their point? However, Anthony’s anecdotes about recounting of his personal experiences serve to keep this book what it is: the work of a hardcore fan. His love of the genre is apparent in his reverential approach to the albums, stars and musicians that he writes about.

Think back to that gig. Did you enjoy your dissecting of every chord, every word, every moment? If you did, go and buy this book, you will love it.

Emma Robinson

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